Our employees are our one of the greatest assets assisted by whom we fulfill the demands of our clients on time. The success we enjoy today is the result of their hard work. And, we feel immensely proud to have such a talented and enthusiastic team of 70 people. To hire such talent, we follow a rigorous recruitment process. The one who deserves the job is hired and then proper training is provided to the hired candidate for polishing his/her skills.

Why Choose Us?

It is not only the quality of our Oral Surgery Set, Iris Scissor, Kiepe Picasso Scissors, and Nursing Scissors because of which we are making a big name in the industry. Following are some more reasons that show how reliable we are as a business partner-

  • Ethical business practices
  • Fairly priced structure
  • Modern business strategies, etc.

Our Guiding Light

The backbone of our company is our CEO, Mr. Rashid Mehmood Ch, guided by whom, we are setting benchmarks in the market for other budding companies. His vision of becoming the leader in the domain of manufacturing scissors and surgical instruments is the reason that we work hard to fulfill the demands of our customers on time while making no compromise on our product quality. He always motivate our employees and give them right directions to follow.


There's no denying to the fact that companies that are consistent in their work are loved by clients than the ones that are inconsistent. For achieving a competitive edge in the market, we persistently work and aim to maintain our consistency in quality and quantity both.